TMAC was created to help provide assistance to small and mid-size companies by providing expert help could otherwise not be able to obtain. This is obtained through partnerships between the manufacturing and research community and UTEP. TMAC at the same time provides University students with valuable hands-on experience. TMAC aggressively expands its manufacturing service capabilities by creating partnerships in areas such as training, financing, international trade, environmental, and information systems to complement TMAC's core technical support service.

Our goal is to understand the needs of the customer, provide the customer the right information, develop plans, apply the knowledge and any technology that is considered suitable, be a "one-stop-shop" for manufacturers seeking to become more productive and competitive not only locally but internationally, to name a few.

Seven existing partner organizations provide support offices and outreach in locations around the state.

OUR MISSION: To increase the global competitiveness of the Texas economy by working with the extended manufacturing enterprise to implement new technologies, techniques, and best business practices.

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